Mayor Pamela Goldsmith-Jones reelected in West Vancouver

Pamela Goldsmith-Jones has been reelected as mayor of West Vancouver, easily defeating former councillors John Clark and Vivian Vaughan.

Goldsmith-Jones, who was first elected mayor in 2005, went into the contest with some high-profile endorsements. She was the choice of West Vancouver Citizens for Good Government, an unregistered group that vets candidates and charges for its endorsements.

In addition, Goldsmith-Jones was endorsed by well-known local citizens such as broadcaster Vicki Gabereau, novelist Douglas Coupland, artist Gordon Smith, as well as former and current politicians.

Goldsmith-Jones paid West Vancouver Citizens for Good Government a $1,000 fee; those who were endorsed for council paid $900. One candidate, Michael Lewis, filed a complaint to the chief electoral officer in West Vancouver because the group hasn't registered itself as a political party.

During her campaign, Goldsmith-Jones emphasized her strong support for the arts and her belief that West Vancouver must consider piloting new forms of housing to increase the diversity of options for residents as they age.

She has positioned herself as a supporter of the environment, promoting better cycling. But she disappointed some when she eventually backed down from a battle with the provincial government over the destruction of Eagleridge Bluffs to clear the way for an overland route for the Sea to Sky Highway.

Clark, a three-term councillor and the owner of a men's clothing store, emphasized his strong business background. He is a former president of the West Vancouver Chamber of Commerce, and has been a proponent of a third crossing to alleviate traffic on the Lions Gate Bridge.

Vaughan, a retired mechanical engineer, was first elected to council in 2005. A strong environmentalist, she advocated for reducing West Vancouver's carbon footprint by introducing incentives for the use of solar panels and low-energy building designs.




Nov 16, 2008 at 4:26am

Fully 2/3 of West Vancouver voters voted against Pamela Goldsmith-Jones this election. Democracy no longer exists in West Vancouver. Dirty politics rules, with Goldsmith-Jones leading the way as self-proclaimed queen of West Vancouver. As a resident of West Vancouver for 56 years, the past term of mayor and council with Goldsmith-Jones presiding has been the worst years of my life in West Vancouver. I have seen no evidence of democracy in West Vancouver since she took office. Despite over 150 letters sent to Mayor Goldsmith-Jones and her council on an environmental and health issue - the harm of wood smoke - I feel strongly about, I have never received even one acknowledgement from them. Her re-election spells doom for those of us with asthma who are afflicted by our neighbours' wood smoke. I was banned from taking part in the West Vancouver government web site environmental forum at the whim of the web master. My topic, of wood smoke vs. asthma, was the only topic ever posted there. Her appetite for absolute power and control is well-known and one begins to wonder if she may well be diagnosed with narcissistic personality disorder. As for those who endorse her, none of them seem very intelligent to me. A complete exorcism of city hall is the only answer to get rid of its resident evil forever. It didn't happen this time because of a split vote. At least the people have spoken. They want her gone. News of her re-election makes me sick. And her lack of due care and concern for the health of people with asthma in this community makes me depressed. Another three years of her. Vicki Gabereau, Douglas Coupland, and Gordon Smith - have you no conscience?