Locals in running for Bucky Awards

Continuing on the topic of quality radio, CBC Radio 3 has opened the polls for its third annual Bucky Awards, honouring the best in independent Canadian music. Local talent is well-represented with Black Mountain in the running for Best Hook (“Stormy High”), Ladyhawk going up against Toronto’s Holy Fuck for Best Live Act, the Real McKenzies pitting their bagpipes against Fred Eaglesmith’s lawn mower for Most Unconventional Instrument, and Bend Sinister in a full-tilt Vancouver death match with Destroyer for Best Vocals. And there’s more, including a queasy video of MeatDraw’s Lily Fawn making out with a raw prime rib in the Artist’s Naughtiest Bit category. On-line voting is open until November 28, and the awards will be announced live on the Web site and Sirius Satellite Radio 86 on December 17.