Canadians let down Liberal Leader Stephane Dion

By Gerry Werthers

Stephane Dion did not let down Canadians. Canadians let down Stephane Dion.

They were quick to buy into the attack ads, first aired during the Super Bowl Game two years ago. Imagine getting harassed every day in your job for the last two years. The polls on him were amplified by the media, and this affected future polls.

Most people in Alberta didn't even know who Mr. Dion was, apart from his picture in the attack ads. It's a wonder how some of the press gallery photographers got their jobs, they took such bad photos of him.

Many famous leaders in the world were poor communicators at first, but they had people around them who coached and encouraged them. Mr. Dion's communications department was his own worst enemy. They never made him look good and that is suspicious.

Stephen Harper barely speaks to reporters. Mr. Dion, as president, chaired the UNFCCC on Climate Change in Montreal in 2005. There were over 2500 delegates, 4500 NGO reps, 700 media and 120 ministers of the environment in attendance. It was the largest non-sporting event in Montreal, since EXPO 67.

After all Mr. Dion has done to unify the country and try to move it forward, the Canadian public, the media and a few Brutuses in Parliament now want him out. Mr. Harper is hell-bent on destroying him and it looks like he might succeed with the help of the media. Don't be fooled or you'll be an accomplice. Wake up Canada!

(I hope Mr. Manley reads these comments)

This was originally posted on  the Globe and Mail Web site in response to an anti-Stephane Dion commentary by former Liberal deputy prime minister John Manley.  It has been reproduced on with the permission of Werthers, a Vancouver resident.




Dec 8, 2008 at 2:41am

Oh, common. The first I heard of Dion was in the House of Commons, "Mr Harrrper is a Climate Change DENIER!!"

His messages never resonated with Canadians, he was always too negative trying to hit back at Harper rather than taking a higher road.

Plus, Dion's been described by Tories as "the gift that keeps on giving." Who needs attack ads when you have Dion's address to the nation last week?


Dec 9, 2008 at 4:03pm

Yes, how about that video last week? Do you think GW Bush would have had to step down because of a poorly taped video? There should be a lot of questions raised as to why this went so badly.

The videographer was obviously not a professional shooter. The camera was broken. It should not have been used to record the speech. Mr. Dion should have been told what his deadline would be for taping, so he could do it live if need be. That's what Mr. Layton and Mr. Duceppe did.

The communications dept. failed miserably - NOT Mr. Dion. It's their job to make him look his best. I'm starting to think this was done on purpose. The whole Liberal leadership replacement is happening way too fast.