Mint Record Xmas guests keep party fresh

In what's becoming something of a tradition, some surprise guests took the stage during the Evaporators' set at the Mint Records Ridiculously Early Xmas Party, at the Ukrainian Hall on December 5. After whipping the all-ages crowd into a mosh-pit frenzy with gems like "Addicted to Cheese", Evaporators frontman Nardwuar the Human Serviette introduced New York party-anthem rocker Andrew W.K., who joined the band to perform his own "She Is Beautiful" and "Party Hard". This was followed up with a cover of the Leather Uppers' "Don't Sell Hot Dogs Tonight", which W.K. announced will be featured on a split seven-inch with the Evaporators, along with his take on the Subhumans' "Oh Canaduh", to be released by Mint in early 2009.

In The Price Is Right –style succession, Vancouver punk legends Wimpy Roy (Subhumans), Randy Rampage (D.O.A.), and Jon Card (S.N.F.U./ D.O.A.) then appeared to cap the night with "Oh Canaduh" and the Subhumans' "Fuck You". Mint's Randy Iwata told the Straight, "The two of them [W.K. and Nardwuar] have a lot in common. Not so much musically, but there's an impression that they're both larger-than-life people-they both have loud personalities." Hence the release's title, A Wild Pear. At the 2006 Mint party, the Evaporators were joined by Franz Ferdinand's Alex Kapranos for a version of the Franz hit "Take Me Out".