Iraq war resister ordered out of Canada by Christmas Eve

An Iraq-war resister living on Vancouver Island has been ordered to leave Canada by Christmas Eve. If Cliff Cornell remains in the country after December 24, he faces removal by force, according to the War Resisters Support Campaign.

A news release issued on December 17 by the WRSC states that Cornell’s deportation order from Citizenship and Immigration Canada has come at a time when a case being heard in the Federal Court of Canada could give the conscientious objector another chance to remain in the country.

On February 10, the court will hear an appeal by Jeremy Hinzman, another war resister, of his deportation order. If Hinzman’s deportation is overturned, it could set a precedent that may allow other resisters to stay in Canada.

According to the news release, Cornell, who is originally from Arkansas but has lived in Canada since January 2005, works as an assistant manager in a retail store near Nanaimo.

In August, Robin Long, a U.S. army deserter who was deported from B.C. in July, was sentenced to 15 months in a military prison.

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