Proposed changes to Vancouver Charter for Olympics are “dangerous”: David Eby

The acting executive director of the B.C. Civil Liberties Association today (January 20) described as “dangerous” the proposed Olympic-related amendments to the Vancouver Charter being sought by city staff.

David Eby told the Straight that the changes outlined in a report by city staff could adversely impact freedom of speech.

These include allowing the removal of graffiti without notice, and signage from private property with limited notice.

Staff stated in a report to council that this is “necessitated by the short duration and high exposure of the Games”.

“Current regulatory powers with respect to these two items would not facilitate removal of graffiti or illegal signage,” the report said.

Eby said that this would allow bylaw enforcers to tear down, for example, anti-Olympic signs posted on a condo window.

Staff is also seeking a clarification of the rules covering distribution of “advertising matter on any street”, which Eby said could be used to prevent activists and anti-Olympics groups from handing out leaflets.

“Absolutely it will be challenged,” Eby said, when asked if the amendments could be taken before the courts on constitutional grounds.

Eby sent the city clerk a letter today explaining his concerns about the amendments.




Jan 21, 2009 at 6:59am

What do you get with a socialist provincial government, and a wannabe communist city council? A police style city called Vancouver. The Olympic dictators are hoping for mostly foreign visitors, as Canadians are getting tired of the totalitarian rules, laws, & taxes being imposed on the citizens of Vancouver, B.C., and the rest of Canada. This is the style of government that made me & many other ex-pats leave that fair province. Beijing, China has nothing on the Vancouver City Council.
In these troubling economic times, decisions like those being made "for the good of the Olympics" may bring short term prosperity, but long term hardship to the city, & the province. Many fellow Canadians I have spoke to have stated that they shall no longer be visiting or investing in the province of B.C., as there are many more "Democratic", & "non-Communistic" provinces in our beautiful country.
To the repressed citizens of Vancouver, you have our sympathy. To the self-centered, self-righteous city council, "SHAME ON YOU", you have given a black eye to our fair country. I hope & pray that the courts crush your totalitarian plans as you have tried to crush the civil rights of the people entering Vancouver. Your legacy shall out live your tenure on council.
When a "sporting event" supersedes a country's civil rights, it is time to end the event & the over-seeing body.
Remember, we are writing history right now with each & every decision we make, & it shall be remembered at the voting station & the history books.
Hello Olympic games, farewell civil rights & democracy.


Jan 21, 2009 at 10:09am

wolfrider wrote: "...communist city council? ...has nothing on the Vancouver City Council....elf-centered, self-righteous city council,...."

Umm, if you read the article you will note that the changes were proposed by city staff not council. There is no indication that city council supports these changes.


Jan 21, 2009 at 8:42pm

Sorry, but, the City simply won't be able to do this. Eby is right.

However, the Olympics-Haters really need to think long and hard about trying to destroy an event that our local economy will heavily depend on and desperately need. If that happens, your precious social programs will be the first to get cut to conserve money.