Worio tags the Web to help you discover sites of interest

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      What does a next-generation search engine look like?

      Worio, created by UBC computer-science students, could be a preview.

      The semantic-search site, which launched in beta last July and introduced a new interface in December, uses an automated tagging system to determine the topics of Web pages.

      In addition to providing keyword-based results typical of today’s search engines, Worio uses these tags to recommend other sites that may be of interest.

      It also analyzes the links that you follow, as well as the pages you tag and share with friends, to learn what you like.

      Worio CEO Ali Davar told the Straight, “We’re really trying to open up a new category of information seeking—that is, discovery.”




      May 19, 2009 at 6:51am

      Not good if your a Worry Wart