Tagging makes finding coverage of Northern Voice conference easy

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      One great thing about a blogging and social media conference is that you can follow its proceedings via, well, blogs and social media.

      So, if you missed this weekend's Northern Voice conference in Vancouver like I did, you could have read the almost-real-time coverage provided by those attendees who live blogged and microblogged its various sessions on February 20 and 21.

      Or, you can catch up today, tomorrow, or whenever.

      Using the conference tag (northernvoice09), it's easy to find related blog posts via Technorati, updates on Twitter, and photos on Flickr.

      Of course, not everyone tags their content, so you might want to try searching for "Northern Voice" too.

      So far, along with viewing numerous tweets and pictures, I've watched a video of Flickr cofounder Stewart Butterfield's keynote, and read a couple of live blogs on Hummingbird604.com, including one on how social media is changing journalism.

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      April Smith

      Feb 22, 2009 at 2:45pm

      Hi Stephen :)

      Thanks so much for posting this :) It was my first time at Northern Voice and my first time speaking about mobile technology and social media! It's been a fast 4 months since I first started and I am learning everyday! I'm honored and grateful to be included with your site :>

      Thanks so much again! :)

      April Smith
      Twitter: @AprilFilms

      Check out www.fearlesscity.ca and www.creativetechnology.org