Astoria renovations are almost complete

When bar manager Rudy Dasta voluntarily closed the Astoria temporarily last September after the Downtown Eastside venue received noise complaints, he figured that the problem would be fixed within a few weeks. “I was wrong,” he said, laughing, during a call to the Straight. “We closed around September 17 because city hall was asking us to fix up the soundproofing system—and we have done it, but the nature of the work was such that it took a long time.” He hopes the Astoria will reopen on March 10. “It’s not a set date,” he added, “but it’s my aim.”

Assistant manager Kim Wingert is also keeping her fingers crossed for early March. “Once the equipment is up and we pass the decibel test, then we’re good to go,” she said. Wingert added that the upgrade, which includes eight layers of soundproofing in the ceiling alone, has cost roughly $120,000.