North Surrey residents vow to keep fighting South Fraser Perimeter Road

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      The round-the-clock blockade may be over, but the fight to stop the South Fraser Perimeter Road still goes on in Surrey’s Bridgeview neighbourhood.

      That is the message emanating from Bernadette Keenan, who sits on the board of the Bridgeview Community Association.

      “Transportation Minister Kevin Falcon wants to spend billions putting a useless freeway next to our school that will cut us off from the river, beach, and our fishing dock,” Keenan said in a press release posted today (March 9) on “Our community has a different vision for North Surrey. This is going to be a mixed-use waterfront community, not an industrial wasteland beside a freeway. We are continuing to fight for our community.”

      Keenan also has her own anti-Gateway Web site, No Truckin Freeways.

      On Saturday (March 7), the five-day blockade of the last remaining house in the way of the proposed highway ended.

      Tom Jaugelis, a North Surrey resident and spokesperson for the blockaders, said in the same release: “We have been getting more and more support from communities all along the proposed freeway route. People from one end to the other have been coming by with encouragement, hot chocolate and snacks. We will be there to support them when Falcon tries to trash their communities. This is just the beginning.”



      Bernadette Keenan

      Mar 10, 2009 at 10:46am

      BernadetteK "Why is this lady dressed so funny?"
      Thanks for the coverage Matthew, it is really appreciated. Hope we will be seeing more of you around our neighborhood. Enjoyed meeting you the day we cancelled Gateway.

      Really need to explain the "Freeway Freedom Fighting Suit" though for people not familiar with our situation.

      So why is the lady dressed so funny? Well its a preview of what I'll be wearing to survive in Bridgeview if the Freeway is built. You can't see them, but I have Bridgeview boots on (rubber ones) to deal with the flooding from preload and rising water due to climate change. The mask is for health protection, to deal with the increase pollution from the 1000's of trucks going through the neighborhood; the safety vest is for visibility if I want to cross the freeway; ear protection to cut down the noise; and the helmet to protect me if I get clipped by an eighteen wheel crossing the 8 lanes of pavement to get down to the river fishing dock. Only thing I don't have is a fishing rod. That's because no more fish in the river due to the environmental disaster created by the Freeway.

      Bernadette No Trucking Freeway Keenan (Green Party Candidate for Surrey Whally)


      Mar 12, 2009 at 6:35pm

      Check out some video from the blockade:
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