New sponsorship saves Vancouver's Celebration of Light fireworks competition

After 18 years of lighting up the skies, Vancouver’s annual fireworks competition will return this July and August, thanks to new sponsors.

Last month, organizers announced that the Celebration of Light, one of the biggest fireworks shows in Canada, had come to an end due to a $400,000 shortfall in sponsorship.

A press release issued this morning (March 11) by the Vancouver Fireworks Festival Society stated that new sponsors Shore FM, the Keg Steakhouse and Bar, and the Edgewater Casino had come onboard.

According to the Globe and Mail, past sponsors have also agreed to support the show again.

The annual event, formerly known as the Symphony of Fire, sees roughly 400,000 spectators make their way down to English Bay and Kitsilano Beach on each of four evenings.

Teams from a few countries put on a spectacular display of fireworks set to music, as they compete for the title.

This year’s celebration will include presentations by Canada on July 22, South Africa on July 25, the U.K. on July 29, and China on August 21.