Nifflas' Knytt Stories is for gamers who like good, free fun

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      Knytt Stories is the sequel to independent game developer Nifflas’ widely acclaimed Knytt. Released back in 2007, Knytt Stories and its phenomenal expansion levels are now free, so it’s time to revisit it. The Knytt games are about relaxing exploration and are devoid of combat. They may be described as entailing the jumping of the Mario games, without the stomping of critters.

      The clean and simple style of Knytt Stories, which is available for Windows, is one of its most striking features. Surreal and clean environments, wacky creatures, and music that channels the early days of gaming account for a lot of its appeal. From the moment you step into this world, you know you’re exploring somebody’s imagination.

      Knytt Stories’ level design is key. It features seemingly straightforward levels that become more complex as you gain abilities in the form of power-ups. As you progress through the non-linear world, you learn how to jump off walls, sense the presence of invisible objects, and pull Mary Poppins-esque stunts with umbrellas.

      Nifflas has created a classic in the strikingly innocent world of Knytt Stories. With its included map editor, gamers can create their own worlds to explore. This quick download is highly recommended for people who like free fun.

      Travis Bassett maintains the blog Cheap Gamer.