Brandon Paris Band

Pocket Full of Holes (Independent)

Indulging in a little bit of everything can have disastrous effects. Case in point: Pocket Full of Holes, the sophomore effort from the Brandon Paris Band.

While the local outfit deserves kudos for its slickly produced, bouncy radio anthems, this disc is kind of overwhelming. What starts out as spunky pop-punk quickly turns into a mad roller-coaster ride through modern music. From the orchestral interlude “Lust Break” to the airy reggae jams of “Can’t Hate You”, this release runs rampant with indecision—and we haven’t even touched on the spoken-word rhymes, fierce metal riffs, and booming Chad Kroeger–esque baritone vocals.

Some of the numbers here are perfectly suited to rock radio, but as an album, Pocket Full of Holes is way too muddled. You might adore strawberry ice cream, spicy mustard, and cream-of-mushroom soup, but that doesn’t mean you should eat them all at once. Even grade-school kids can figure that one out.