NDP candidate Ray Lam withdraws from race over Facebook photos

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      B.C. NDP candidate Ray Lam has withdrawn from the election race in Vancouver-False Creek over "inappropriate" photos that he posted on Facebook.

      "An issue was made regarding inappropriate material on my private Facebook page," Lam stated in an NDP press release issued this evening (April 19). "I regret this material and the associated comments that have now become public.

      "I do not want this to be a distraction in the election campaign and have advised the party that I am stepping down," he said.

      "I apologize to Carole James, the NDP and the voters of Vancouver-False Creek. I wish her and the party the best of luck in the coming election."

      According to the release, the party will nominate a new candidate sometime in the next few days.

      Today, News1130 posted photos found on Lam's Facebook profile this afternoon.

      One picture showed a man, believed to be Lam, with his hand on a woman's chest.

      Another picture depicted two other people grabbing his underwear.

      The photos have since been removed from the social-networking site.

      Lam was up against Liberal candidate Mary McNeil and Green party deputy leader Damian Kettlewell.

      McNeil is reportedly demanding a public apology.

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      Russell Miller

      Apr 19, 2009 at 9:41pm

      Really? This is the issue that is being pushed for this election? With all the things that are being discussed, we find the time to rail on a young man who put up a few photos on facebook, and ruin his chance of running. Shoot, I hope to run for MLA later on, maybe in a few years, and there are photos of me drinking underage, smoking marijuana in my younger years and picture evidence of my old graffiti habit floating around the web. Ms. McNeil clearly went looking for dirt on the young man, combing his facebook photos to find some - and congratulations, you found some.

      Maybe we should start looking at the other side, and see what qualities we want in a politician less; common, albeit inappropriate, behavior from a young man or sneaky, dirt-digging political maneuvering.

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      David N

      Apr 20, 2009 at 12:24am

      News 1130: “Liberals outraged by Ray Lam’s pictures.” Is this for real!!? Absolutely ridiculous.

      I can’t think of another political smear campaign ever that can rival this in its pettiness.

      Equally important, is he doing something "inappropriate"? I see only consenting adults doing the kind of things consenting adults do.

      "Offensive"!? "Demeaning"!!? To who? Nuns? Taliban?

      Mary McNeil lost my vote.

      These pictures do however show one thing that I have long been the opinion of: the NDP could use a good dose of common sense. Someone running for office should know better than putting such pictures online knowing very well that there people like Ms. McNeil trolling for dirt. And the powers that be in the NDP should have a better handle on their candidates.

      If I was an NDP spin-doctor, I would have a hay-day with this: “we have massive cost over-runs on a number of projects, shameful environmental track records, countless broken election promises, and all the Liberals can worry about is some candidate that has some innocent pictures with friends up on his facebook account!? OR “There are pictures posted of our Premier for endangering innocents’ lives in mug-shots all across US police stations’ computers, and the Liberals pick on poor Ray who was out having a few innocent laughs with his college buddies” OR “Ms. McNeil appeals for pictures that break no-laws to be deleted because they are ”˜inappropriate’? Should we expect other of McNeil’s rigid standards of ”˜decentness’ to reflect on our civil liberties if elected?”

      This can be turned into an opportunity.

      At the end of the day I guess it’s the media and the electorate that buy into such discourse. What a petty lot.

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      Apr 20, 2009 at 12:37am

      You can't help but question his decision making leaving such silly photos of himself posted on his Facebook account. I mean, that's not exactly looking for dirt, that's posting dirt online yourself for all to see.

      Not that I care on a personal level or find the photos even mildly offensive. I want to know what kind of underwear they're grabbing - looks comfortable and stylish.

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      Mark Brown

      Apr 20, 2009 at 10:02am

      I believe this can put some perspective on the Ray Lam photo issue.
      These are quotes from Mary McNeil, the Liberal candidate in Vancouver False Creek responding to photos that were posted on Ray Lam's FB page
      "This is someone who is running to represent the people of Vancouver-False Creek in Victoria, at a time when we have really critical issues, like crime and the economy,"
      "You need to show you have experience and you need to show you have good judgment."
      I find these statements completely disingenuous considering her party leader Gordon Campbell is, as Premier, supposed to set a good example yet he pleaded "no contest" to a CRIMINAL DUI charge in Hawaii and had a mugshot taken. I would much rather vote for a positive young man who made a few photos that a few may find objectionable over an older man who avoids a conviction by pleading 'No contest' to a CRIMINAL DUI charge. I find a mugshot of an elected official far more disturbing and objectionable over a few photos of youthful exuberance

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      not a candidate

      Apr 20, 2009 at 11:30am



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      Paul T

      Apr 20, 2009 at 12:31pm

      Does anyone remember Gordon Campbell with a DUI charge?!?! What a bunch of criminal hypocrites!
      If the Liberals get in, get ready for EVERYTHING being privatized. Our beloved hospitals are being cleaned by Campbells friends companies, road work is by his friends so unless you are his friend, you may lose your job!!!

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      Apr 20, 2009 at 1:04pm

      And who wanted to vote the NDP?!?!?

      Let's see what the reporters can dig up on Carole James.

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      Apr 20, 2009 at 5:06pm

      I think this is absolutely ridiculous. The photos were harmless and kept private until someone made them public. However, having met Ray Lam, I'd have to say it's not much of a loss. I found him aloof and not very engaging at all. He would not have been elected even if he had stayed in the race.


      Apr 22, 2009 at 12:58am

      This is funny! The pictures are in no way scandelous or anything like that. But, why waist time. Ray Lam would be at the bottom of the polls anyway. Have you met this guy? He is completely not a crowd pleaser and you need a bit of a crowd to get some votes. No big loss. NDP can do much better if they just appoint a guy from the streets. At least he won't have a facebook account!

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