New on DVD: Anne of Green Gables: A New Beginning; India Reborn; Look; Vampiro: Angel, Devil, Hero; Wendy and Lucy

DVD releases for May 5, 2009.

Anne of Green Gables: A New Beginning
A middle-aged Anne Shirley (Barbara Hershey) decides to write a play during a visit to her childhood home on Prince Edward Island. After discovering a letter from her father under the floorboards, Anne discovers the truth about her birth parents and retreats into the memories of her life before Green Gables. Also starring Shirley MacLaine and Hannah Endicott-Douglas as the younger Anne Shirley.

India Reborn
This two-DVD set contains four one-hour episodes looking at an India not often seen by Westerners. Topics explored include Indian mythology, food issues, the expanding economy, and the difficulties facing individuals looking for fame.

Voyeurism is taken to a new extreme in Look, a dramatic feature filmed using only surveillance cameras. Following salesmen, store clerks, and high-school students, the film examines the increasingly blurry line between public and private space.

Vampiro: Angel, Devil, Hero
This documentary tells the story of professional Canadian wrestler Ian “El Vampiro Canadiense” Hodgkinson, beginning with his troubled childhood and initial rise in the ring to his inevitable fall and comeback.

Wendy and Lucy
The poverty-stricken Wendy loads her dog, Lucy, into her car and sets off from Indiana to Alaska to secure a job. However, the journey gets complicated when the car breaks down in Oregon and Lucy goes missing.