CBC laying off 26 people in Vancouver, according to union rep

A Canadian Media Guild  representative has  revealed that more than two dozen CBC workers were told yesterday (May 27)  their jobs are being eliminated.

At a panel discussion last night (May 27)  at the VIVO Media Arts Centre in Vancouver, Colin Preston said 26 people who work  in the Vancouver CBC building  received "redundancy notices".

Preston said that because of bumping provisions in the collective agreement, this will have a "cascading effect", so it's not clear at this point which workers will lose their jobs.

The Canadian Media Guild issued a news release yesterday saying 350 frontline jobs are being eliminated across the country from CBC and Radio-Canada outside of Quebec.

Of these, 100 will result from nonrenewal of contracts, and another  158 are as a result of layoffs of permanent employees. Another 19 are vacant positions that are being eliminated, and 73 employees are taking retirement incentives, according to the union.

Preston noted that Vancouver has taken a big hit with 26 of the 158 layoffs occurring here.