Vancouver mayor Gregor Robertson still palsy-walsy with "Gord"

Gregor Robertson wishes B.C. Liberal premier Gordon Campbell “every success in the years ahead” on “behalf of the people of Vancouver and the members of the Vancouver City Council”, according to a letter written by the former NDP MLA turned Vancouver mayor.

In his “Dear Gord” letter to Campbell a week after the New Democrats suffered their third successive defeat in the May 12 provincial election, Robertson told the premier that “We have much to do together as we prepare our city to host the world during the 2010 Winter Olympic and Paralympic Games.”

The former NDP star candidate also scribbled a personal note. “Congrats,” started Robertson’s handwritten message that continued: “looking forward to a very productive run-up to the Games and a strong partnership for Vancouver’s future!”

The Straight obtained a copy of Robertson’s correspondence through a freedom-of-information request to the city.

The letter was dated May 19, 2009, less than two weeks after former Vision Vancouver executive board member Mike Bruce quit the party in protest over Robertson lavishing praise on Campbell at a public event in March.

In a May 7 e-mail to the mayor and Vision Vancouver councillors, Bruce noted that Robertson didn’t even bother to respond to his letter “several weeks ago” seeking clarification on Robertson’s “fawning remarks” about Campbell. According to Bruce, the mayor’s “exuberant comments” in support of Campbell indicate a “tremendous disrespect and contempt” for Vision councillors, who are mostly identified with the NDP.

A separate information request by the Straight didn’t turn up any election-campaign or postelection correspondence up to June 15 between Robertson and NDP Leader Carole James.



Evil Eye

Jul 9, 2009 at 10:34am

Watch out Gordo and Falco, wee Greggy has his eyes on a Liberal nomination in 2013 and failing that, a Senate seat.

As for Carole the dim, she's aiming for a third straight defeat.


Jul 9, 2009 at 2:50pm

Good for Gregor. We elect far too many politicians to represent US, who instead get wrapped up in partisanship --- usually to the detriment or neglect of their electors. Gregor even happened to be in the midst of that partisan atmosphere as an Opposition MLA, often criticizing the BC Liberal government over the Canada Line construction. But as Mayor he has made a smooth and immediate transition to continuing to represent VANCOUVER first not through braindead and futile partisanship as the Georgia Straight seems to be expecting from him, but rather by ensuring his city has a co-operative and productive relationship with the provincial government, especially during the Olympics. The disdainful idea that all political relationships in BC are about partisan politics and ambitions, rather than simply doing a good job as Mayor and representing the people who elected you, is a really interesting view for the Straight to be taking.

Carole James, by the way, could learn something from this leadership. She ran for Opposition, even turning the televised debate into Question Period, and that is what she got. Opposing is easy. Working together for the common good takes a lot more hard work, vision (no pun intended) and courage. I suppose the media generally prefers bun-fighting because it sells more papers and ads, but really taxpayers want to see co-operation and progress. Thank you Mayor Robertson for showing the way.