B.C. Liberals alone in Canada with arts cuts

It was with interest that I read Pieta Woolley's recent article [“Film fests dogged by economic slowdown”, July 9-16]. The recession has hurt many arts and culture companies that I have spoken with. Lower donation numbers, smaller returns on endowment funds, and lower ticket sales due to people having less discretionary money to spend have really put the squeeze on nonprofit organizations, performances, and festivals.

Add to this the B.C. Liberals' planned cuts of 50 percent to investment in arts and culture industries and you have a perfect storm that could wipe out many of our smaller arts companies provincewide, along with many jobs. B.C. is the only province in Canada that's cutting investment in arts and culture during this downturn.

In fact, many provinces are increasing support, as the economic arguments are so strong. The B.C. government's own studies show that for every dollar invested in B.C. arts, the government sees $1.36 in return. A recent national Business for the Arts study pegs the return much higher, at 200 percent. A creative knowledge-based economy is the way forward for B.C.

We should be investing in B.C. creatively, not cutting it.

> Spencer Herbert, MLA / Vancouver


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Jul 23, 2009 at 11:40am

One sign of fascism is those in power holding disdain for intellectuals and the Arts...