Former B.C. Green party leader seeks NDP nomination in Ontario

Former Vancouver resident Stuart Parker has sent an e-mail to some friends announcing his return to partisan politics.

Parker, who led the B.C. Green party from 1993 to 2000, is now seeking the NDP provincial nomination in the Toronto constituency of St. Paul's. A byelection has been triggered by the resignation of Michael Bryant.

Parker ran for municipal, provincial, and federal  positions eight times in the 1990s. He is the nephew of world-class Canadian sprinter Harry Jerome.

During the 1990s, he worked to create Red-Green alliances at the municipal level in an effort to build cooperation between Greens and New Democrats. In 2000, he lost the Green party  leadership to Adriane Carr in a bitterly fought contest.

"What prevents us from connecting with voters so often is not the fact that their values are not the same as ours but rather our fear of even attempting to honestly and courageously advocate for those values," Parker wrote in his e-mail to his friends. "We don't even try to speak for childless people on welfare or for prisoners awaiting trial because some hired gun consultant has told us not to even try. We refuse to challenge the justice of a tax system that allows the richest to transfer massive wealth from one generation to the next, completely unscathed for fear that people have so internalized the justice of inherited privilege that there is no point in even questioning it."



Peter E. Pibble

Jul 31, 2009 at 7:19am

I wish you luck.
Former AG Michael Bryant has wreaked havoc in Ontario and disgraced Ontario around the World
with the introduction(Private member`s Bill) and passage of Bill 132(whipped vote by the Premier).

This was an unnecessary,unworkable,unenforceable law

It is costing Ontario Taxpayers untold millions

It is destroying people`s lives.
People are unable to travel freely

People fear immigrating to Ontario because of the risk of arrest and seizure of the family pet.

This law is impacting Canadian Military families

If elected I hope you will be on side with repealing this law.

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