B-Lines plays it short and sweet

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      B-Lines (Nominal)

      B-Lines plays it short and sweet. The local punkers' debut disc drives home six pop-core blasts in less time than it takes to microwave a bag of Orville Redenbacher's finest. Featuring ex-members of power-poppers Fun 100 and '80s hardcore aficionados Fuck Me Dead, B-Lines picks up where those bands left off. “Burnt CDs” starts off this self-titled set with Adam Fothergill's staccato bass rumblings before the group lets loose on the fierce 50-second song.

      Though B-Lines' manic cuts would fit perfectly on an iTunes playlist alongside Teen Idles and the Angry Samoans, the Vancouver quartet could just as easily find itself on a Mint Records sampler. “Social Retard” hammers out a goofy sing-along chorus, despite its un-PC chant of “Yeah, I'm a retard.”

      Ryan Dyck's vocals are the highlight of the record. The guy can only carry a melody half the time, but his high-energy croaks—think Grover on a steady diet of pop rocks, Red Bull, and mescaline—complement the act's spirited simplicity. Whether he's singing about socks on “Dryer Fire” or ragging on nine-to-fivers on “Busy Man”, Dyck's amateur howls are amazing. Though the short running time makes the EP seem like a bit of a tease, B-Lines' debut keeps things fast, focused, and fun.

      Download This: "Burnt CDs"