Eviction notice threatens Cobalt

Punks weren’t the only ones who were startled by the Cobalt’s two-month eviction notice handed to proprietor Wendythirteen last week by the club’s landlords. Shearing Pinx drummer Jeremy Van Wyck, who cocurates Fake Jazz Wednesdays, said if the closure goes through, it will be “a huge loss to the community, especially my community” of youthful avant-gardists.

“Wendythirteen has done a lot to clean that place up,” Van Wyck told the Straight. “She took that place from being a drug-infested dingy bar that was only bringing crime into the area and brought a lot of creative young people in there and turned it into something positive.”

Asked about the chances of keeping the venue open, wendythirteen said, “I have a number of people intervening on my behalf because the landlords won’t call me back.” She added, “I’m so sick of moving the bars, and the money it would cost... I want to stay at the Cobalt, that’s the bottom line. The best news for me would be, ”˜eviction rescinded’ and ”˜let’s work together on this.’ ”

The spiky-haired bartender is collecting testimonials from “anyone who has volunteered to help me clean the Cobalt up” and encourages Straight readers to join the Facebook group Keep the Cobalt Alive. At press time the group had more than 5,500 members.