Ani Kyd's Blues Experience

Ani Kyd
Blues Experience (Independent)

Ani Kyd has played it all. From hot-rod metal to thrash-punk to sorrow-tinged Goth tunes, the local-music-scene mainstay has covered a lot of ground since the early ’90s. Blues Experience continues the singer’s genre-jumping journey as she tackles a handful of Mississipi Delta–influenced numbers. Featuring lines like "It’s a harsh life/It’s a crazy life", "2 Guns" kicks off with a thudding tambourine and kick-drum beat before Kyd’s vocals sidle up to a slippery slide guitar riff.

The up-tempo boogie number "She Ain’t Got No Time," follows suit with dirty, open-tuned six-strings squealing in the background as the vocalist sings of a woman living on the edge. However, not all of the album’s 11 tracks explore the seedy side of the blues. The softly sung "Waste of Time", with its lightly brushed drums and faux-uke strumming, would play better at a ’50s-style sock hop than at a Delta blues shack, and the rollicking jump number "Miss V" finds Kyd adding a country twang to her voluptuous vocals. These are hardly distracting, though. No matter what style she’s attempting, Blues Experience proves that Ani Kyd is willing and more than able to pull things off.

Download This: "Miss V"