AC/DC at B.C. Place

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      True story: as much as we don’t drive a rusted-out Camaro, have never visited Surrey, and don’t own a mack jacket, we once went to see AC/DC. Highlights of the night included arriving at GM Place to see an empty mickey of rum lying in a pool of disgustingly chunky vomit, two chicks in a scrag fight that would have impressed Mike Tyson, and more baked stoners than a Cheech & Chong convention. All of which is another way of saying that when AC/DC plays a sold-out B.C. Place on Saturday (August 29), the crowd is—believe it or not—going to be every bit as entertaining as Angus Young’s inevitable unveiling of his fishbelly-white ass cheeks.




      Aug 30, 2009 at 10:31pm

      This short little article is the reason I dont often even look at the "straight" anymore.
      It's Rock n Roll,there has always been, and always will have some stoners and over drinkers at a show. Out fo 50,000 people attending, you comment on these few? I was there,I'm in my 50's, people I saw were cool both coming and leaving ! and completely enjoyed the show!!
      Sounds to me like the writer of this article is exactly what the "Georgia Straight" was against yesteryear...pre-judgement. By the way..Angus was very entertaining ..didnt even have to unveil his fish-belly- white ass perhaps your writer could pull his head out of that location and... Jeez..maybe write something with more insight.

      John Lucas

      Sep 2, 2009 at 2:57pm

      It's becoming painfully evident that no one has a goddamn sense of humour anymore. And yes, getoverit, I'm talking about you.