Visualizing Gordon Campbell’s cuts to the arts in B.C.

Just how significant are the B.C. Liberal’s recent cuts to arts funding in the province?

To give the public a better idea, Jeremy Thorp, a Vancouver resident who works in data visualization, has created a series of graphics. Given a visual form, Campbell’s cuts to arts funding pale in comparison to other priorities listed in the Liberals' new budget.

Here’s one of Thorp’s graphs:

Gains and losses in the B.C. Liberal's latest budget for the province. Jeremery Thorp image. Click to enlarge

Describing the graphic, Thorp writes, “When the 114 expenditures [in the Liberal’s budget] are arranged to display gain (in blue) or loss (in red), the picture becomes”¦clear (here, bars represent percentage loss or gain). With a loss of more than 80 percent, arts and culture suffers the second worst cuts –with the worst being another arts and culture-related line item!”

Check out Thorp’s blog, blprnt, for the full post and many more graphic visualizations of the Liberal’s cuts to the arts.

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Sep 13, 2009 at 10:57pm

Time to wean the arts off the public teat anyway.