Solars and Ahna display impressive vision with "Nocturnal Circuit/Cognitive Dissonance"

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      "Nocturnal Circuit/Cognitive Dissonance" (Soldier Pups)

      Two duos from Vancouver’s DIY noise music scene—analog destroyers Ahna and complex minimalists Solars—have collaborated on a progressive 7-inch that ditches tactless feedback play in favour of meticulous compositions.

      On “Nocturnal Circuit”, Solars slows the frenetic pace of modern life to a prolonged crawl. Recorded live in one take, Ahna’s Cognitive Dissonance is a cutting portrait of the digital age where a decidedly vacant guitar tone is gradually overcome by deep metal riffs and battle drums.

      Together, these songs display an impressive vision, reminiscent of the transcendent angst that ignited early Sonic Youth records, or, more recently, the work of prolific drone artists like Burning Star Core or Barn Owl. Solars and Ahna have succeeded in avoiding the inaccessible route taken by so many noise musicians, instead offering a poignant, considered perspective that suggests a new path for noise in Vancouver.

      Download This: With only two tracks, you better download 'em both