Sounds of a booming city: B-Lines

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      B-Lines vocalist Ryan Dyck is all smiles, and that’s sort of messed up. He’s a friendly fellow, but he’s likely to sport the same goofy grin on-stage singing about drinking Krazy Glue as when he’s tossing a mike stand or beer bottle at your ugly mug. It’s unnerving. Judging by B-Lines’ self-titled debut, his bandmates—guitarist Scotty Colin, bassist Adam Fothergill and drummer Bruce Dyck—are used to his antics by now. They’re too busy concentrating on pumping out the hookiest Vancouver hardcore since D.O.A.’s War on 45 to worry about getting bonked on the noggin by the occasional beer bottle.

      Best local release other than yours
      “We all really like the Defektors’ ”˜No to the Night’/”˜Torn to Pieces’ single. It’s fun, catchy, and it sounds like they’re doing their own thing. It sounds like the Defektors.”

      Most mind-blowing concertof the year
      “No Bunny at Pat’s Pub [on July 28]. He’s a dude from Oakland who wears a bunny mask and runs around in his underwear. He plays poppy, bubble-gum–punk songs and everyone was going nuts. It was one of those really hot days and by the end everyone was drenched in sweat.”

      We just found Bruce Allen’s platinum card. Where are we eating?
      “We’re going to the food court at Pacific Centre Mall [701 West Georgia Street], because everyone can find something they like. I want to get a hot dog and an Orange Julius. I’m tired of TacoTime.”

      With apologies to Katy Perry,who would you like to wake up in Vegas with?
      “Daniel Pitout from Ní¼ Sensae. We heard him say that all the straight boys love him, and this is just proving his theory. He’s the sexiest drummer in Vancouver. He’s got what a man is looking for.”

       We’re going to a desert island. What record are you bringing?
      “I’ll take My Bloody Valentine’s Loveless. You can listen to it anytime: when you’re by yourself, when you’re walking around with headphones on, or someone could put it on at a party. It’s awesome.”

      The city has given you a blank cheque. Where are we opening a live-music venue?
      “We’re going to go to the Smilin’ Buddha [109 East Hastings Street], get the neon sign back, and fix it all up. We’d take our million dollars and turn it back into a cool punk club.”