Sounds of a booming city: Sex With Strangers

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      Hatch Benedict sings for self-described disco house/German pop/new wave quintet Sex With Strangers, whose The Modern Seduction incorporates all of those things and more. If this is what the future sounds like, things won’t be nearly as bad as Al Gore, Nouriel Roubini, and your hysterical mother would have us believe.

      Best local release other than yours
      “One that I just picked up fairly recently, the Bend Sinister record Stories of Brothers, Tales of Lovers. It has a soundtrack vibe that kind of reminds me of good driving music. If I was leaving a crime scene, I’d want it blaring—there’s something really dramatic about it.”

      Most mind-blowing concert of the year
      “It was Beast at the Biltmore [March 28]. We were actually part of that bill—it was for JunoFest—but we were in the audience for them. It was the best sound I’ve ever heard at the Biltmore, period. And they just had the audience eating out of the palm of their hand with the dance floor absolutely moving.”

       We just found Bruce Allen’s platinum card. Where are we eating?
      “No question about it, La Bodega [1277 Howe Street]. Its sangria, the mushrooms there, the potatoes there, and the chorizo. That’s our band’s staple diet. And then we would just simply repeat that until they close.”

      With apologies to Katy Perry, who would you like to wake up in Vegas with?
      “The lead singer [Mish Way] from the band White Lung. I can’t quite recall her name at this point, but I definitely know she doesn’t know who I am. She’s kind of intimidating and she’s got a freakish voice and I love it. I kind of envision us in Vegas waking up and her going, ”˜Wow. I don’t know who you are, but if you don’t get your husky ass out of my room, I’m going to kill you.’ ”

      We’re going to a desertisland. What record are you bringing?
      “For a few of us in the band, Girls Against Boys—House of GVSB. We like to equate it to basically oral sex, but spelling oral A-U-R-A-L. Literally the sexiest vocals in the history of rock ’n’ roll.”

      The city has given you a blank cheque. Where are we opening a live-music venue?
      “This is a little tricky. I just moved to Gastown, so, honestly, it would probably be the Old Spaghetti Factory [53 Water Street]. Because if I have to listen to another tourist standing outside the Old Spaghetti Factory in awe of the menu, which is probably the most overrated menu in Vancouver, fuck, I’d turn it into a Petcetera. Just so I didn’t have to hear people going, ”˜This is the greatest restaurant in the history of mankind.’ ”