Sounds of a booming city: Sorcerers

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      Jonny Paulsen sings for Sorcerers, which has one of best band names in Vancouver. Because the moniker conjures up images of magical lightning bolts and Middle Earth debauchery, you find yourself expecting the crew to show up to their gigs in a fully air-brushed panel van emblazoned with a fire-breathing dragon. This summer, Sorcerers bowled over fans with their self-titled Skull Skates Recordings debut, which fused elements of reggae and dub with hardcore punk.

      Best local release other than yours
      Black Mountain’s In The Future, because they rule. They’re really technical and have been at it for so long, and it’s always good to have a local band that is so musically talented and just good in everywhere. It’s totally inspiring.”

      Most mind-blowingconcert of the year
      Lightning Dust [Biltmore Cabaret, August 27]. They totally blew me away, everybody was just in shock; it was mind-blowingly cool. That was my first time seeing them. Buying the record is on my list.”

      We just found Bruce Allen’s platinum card. Where are we eating?
      “The Foundation [2301 Main Street]. It’s open late and vegetarian. The last time I was there I had a really amazing curry, called the Final Option. And I love their nachos because they give a ton of them. They play gangsta rap, but I can forgo that because their food is so great.”

      With apologies to Katy Perry, who would you like to wake up in Vegas with?
      “I’m a holy man, so I’d have to be pretty out of it to wake up in Vegas, but if I did, I’d pick James [Farwell] from Bison because of his beard—actually anyone with a beard would do, I’m not picky. James would be a good drinking bud though. We’d get really drunk, go to the buffet, and watch strippers—what else do you do in Vegas?”

      We’re going to a desert island. What record are you bringing?
      “Lee Scratch Perry’s Upsetter in Dub. It’s just amazing and it doesn’t get tiresome. I don’t really have a favourite song, they’re all really good. I discovered it years and years ago with mutual friends. I play it at home quite often and at work a lot. The Sorcerers definitely have a big dub factor in our band, despite playing a lot of hardcore tunes.”

      The city has given you a blank cheque. Where are we opening a live-music venue?
      “The Raja [Cinema, 639 Commercial Drive]. I heard it was an amazing venue back in its heyday—Shane [Baron, Sorcerers’ bassist] saw Metallica there—so I think that would be a great spot to put back in use. It’s in my neighbourhood, and it would be nice to have a venue up there. I walk past it every day and it’s just one of those raw places where it would be amazing if it was spruced up properly.”