NFB releases free iPhone application

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      iPhone and iPod Touch owners who are fans of animation and documentaries will want to check this out. (Or fans of animation and documentaries now have one more reason to get the iPhone.)

      Our technology editor Stephen Hui informed me that yesterday (October 19), the National Film Board of Canada released a free iPhone application that you can download from the iTunes store.

      While you can already watch NFB films on-line, viewers can watch over 500 NFB films on their newfangled iGadgets now. Some films at aren't yet encoded for the iPhone but they all will be soon.

      If you want to watch a film later, you can also upload films and watch them up to 24 hours later offline. You can also browse the NFB catalogue by category and genre and bookmark your faves.

      How cool is that?

      It'll certainly make the time spent on long bus rides more palatable (and even educational).

      If anyone's tried it out, let us know what you think.




      Oct 21, 2009 at 1:26pm

      Tried it. Watched "Helicopter Canada" a centennial flyover of Canada. Pretty amazing and it streamed flawlessly.
      Possibly my new favorite app.

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