New Media B.C., WINBC members approve merger to create DigiBC

The industry associations representing B.C.’s digital-media and wireless-technology sectors will merge to form the Digital Media and Wireless Association of B.C., or DigiBC.

At a joint meeting last night (October 20) in Vancouver, the members of New Media B.C. and the Wireless Innovation Network of B.C. voted unanimously to approve the merger.

According to a press release posted today (October 21) on T-Net, the new association is expected to have a management team of four to five people and a board of directors with 20 to 24 members.

Around seven special interest groups are planned for DigiBC. They will cover the areas of mobile and wireless, video games, animation and visual effects, Web 2.0 and social media, e-learning, human resources and talent, and capital.

Last week, Rochelle Grayson, interim executive director for New Media B.C., told the Straight that digital-media companies and wireless firms are increasingly working together.

Grayson said that a single, larger organization would be able to better promote and advocate on behalf of both sectors.

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