Metro Vancouver awards $100,000 in grants to 16 arts groups

Metro Vancouver’s board of directors has approved the awarding of $100,000 in grants to the Arts Club Theatre Company, Vancouver Symphony Society, and other arts and culture organizations in the region.

The regional district announced today (October 22) that the 2009 Cultural Grants for Region-Serving Arts and Culture Organizations will go to the following 16 groups:

Ӣ Arts Club Theatre Company - $8,500

Ӣ Axis Theatre Society - $5,000

Ӣ Carousel Theatre - $6,000

Ӣ Chor Leoni - $3,000

Ӣ Dream Rider - $5,000

Ӣ Greater Vancouver Professional Theatre Alliance - $3,000

Ӣ Green Thumb Players Society - $8,500

Ӣ Pacific Cinematheque - $6,000

Ӣ Pacific Theatre - $2,000

Ӣ Playhouse Theatre - $6,000

Ӣ Presentation House - $5,000

Ӣ Richmond Gateway Theatre - $3,000

Ӣ Vancouver East Cultural Centre - $6,000

Ӣ Vancouver Opera Association - $12,500

Ӣ Vancouver Symphony Society - $14,500

Ӣ Vancouver Theatre Sports - $6,000

The awarding of the regional grants comes in the wake of provincial cuts to arts funding.

Earlier this month, Heather Redfern, executive director of the Cultch, told the Straight that she thinks Metro Vancouver’s arts funding should be in the millions of dollars.

In today’s press release announcing the grants, District of North Vancouver mayor Richard Walton, the chair of Metro Vancouver’s regional cultural committee, stated: “We hope others will also help support outstanding organizations that entertain us and enrich our lives.”

The regional culture committee had recommended grants for all but one of the 17 organizations that applied for them.

The Matsqui Sumas Abbotsford Museum Society was “deemed ineligible” for a grant because it is located in Abbotsford and primarily serves residents of that city. Abbotsford is only a member of the regional district as far as park services are concerned.

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