Take Your Time at the SFU Gallery features mattress masterpieces

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      Artist Heather Passmore has found a creative—and thought-provoking—reuse for all those mattresses you see abandoned in local alleyways. She collects fabric from them, cleans it, and stretches it into canvas. But what she paints on them has relevance to her materials, too: her artworks are based on crime-scene photos, which often capture the living spaces of poor families or residents of single-room occupancy hotels. Together they stir ideas about the shortage of affordable housing here and the idea of mattresses—and lives—cast off. You can see works like the one shown above at Take Your Time, a group show featuring Passmore along with Rebecca Brewer, Ron den Daas, Colleen Heslin, Damian Moppett, Gary Pearson, Ben Reeves, and Neil Wedman at the SFU Gallery, Burnaby Campus, starting Halloween (October 31).