Vancouver VJ Jesse Giddings has much to celebrate

Local boy Jesse Giddings’s first interview after his live debut as MuchMusic’s newest VJ on November 2 went to the Straight, not counting a brief chat with eTalk. “But they’re in the same building here, so that doesn’t count,” he said, on the phone from Toronto.

The 25-year-old Giddings is the former bass player for Swingset Champion. He moved to Hogtown last year, and the world’s longest job interview ensued.

“I found out that there was an open call at Much,” Giddings said, “so I met a couple of the producers and three weeks later they called me back. And three weeks later they called me back again. And three weeks later they called me back again. Nine months later they decided I was right for the job. But I had to prove myself. It was pretty brutal.”

Giddings said his mom is “ecstatic” about his new gig. “She’s calling all the relatives, and she’s on Facebook now, so she’s sending messages and pestering everyone. My aunt in Salmon Arm bought a satellite dish. My dad just said, ”˜I’m really happy he just has a job.’ It’s such a dad thing to say.”