Guided By Robots ready to (indie) rock

Those well-meaning dipsomaniacs Guided By Robots are at it again. On Saturday (November 14), the five-piece appears in the basement of the Anza Club for its seventh year in a row of Guided By Voices covers, karaoke, and Robert Pollard–inspired feats of drinking. Proceeds will go to Vancouver Rape Relief and Women’s Shelter, but all good causes aside, what’s so damn special about Guided By Voices?

“What’s so special?” asked incredulous guitarist Kevan Ellis in a call to the Straight. “So many people showed up and so many things happened when we first did this night seven years ago. And more people come every single year. We’re surprised at how many fans out there are so religious in their fervour.”

But it’s about more than the music, apparently. Past shows have featured ginch-free guest vocalists in kilts and at least one fight. “Somebody was trying to siphon liquor, and the bouncers chased him on-stage and he started swinging at the band,” Ellis recalled. “It gets crowded in there and a little heated up, but it’s fun.”

Ellis said that “Not Behind the Fighter Jet” is his favourite of the 35 or so covers GBR has under its belt.