2010 sex survey results—Who would you do?

Would you rather have sex with a police officer or a firefighter?

female responses (female responses)

firefighter: 62 percent

police officer: 21 percent

neither: 17 percent

male responses (male responses)

police officer: 51 percent

neither: 33 percent

firefighter: 16 percent

Would you rather have sex with a teacher or a nurse?

female responses (female responses)

teacher: 53 percent

neither: 27 percent

nurse: 20 percent

male responses (male responses)

teacher: 47 percent

nurse: 46 percent

neither: 7 percent

Do you think pop culture is oversexed?

females: 85 percent

males: 72 percent

What is the most interesting request you’ve had in bed?

female responses (female responses)

“ ”˜Could you just lick my ear while I jerk off?’ ”

“To dress as Mrs. Claus.”

“ ”˜Can I choke you?’ ”

“To write poetry while having sex.”

“A man once asked me to bite his cock hard while having oral sex.”

“Wear fleece pyjamas with the nipples cut out and the crotch cut out.”

“To hold the guy harder so our third eye could merge—WTF?”

male responses (male responses)

“Watch The Passion of the Christ.”

“Fuck my ass with a riding crop.”

“I was asked how I feel about dogs. She didn’t know I’m asthmatic.”

“ ”˜Can you fuck me with your toes?’ ”

“She asked me to stick an ice cube up my ass so she could melt it with her tongue.”

“To be spat on. Very odd!”

“Urinate into her tight jeans.”

“To put on her lingerie.”