Video: 2010 Poverty Olympics poke fun at serious issues facing Vancouver

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      On Sunday (February 7), hundreds of people gathered in Vancouver's Downtown Eastside for the 2010 Poverty Olympics.

      Here's what they saw at the Japanese Hall.

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      The opening ceremonies begin. Old Hands welcomes the crowd.

      Meet MCs Itchy the Bedbug and Chewy the Rat. Itchy declares the Downtown Eastside a "free-speech zone".

      The Poverty Olympics torch relay ends.

      The lighting of the Poverty Olympics torch is followed by the singing of the Poverty Olympics Anthem.

      Robert Bonner talks about the politics of the Poverty Olympics.

      DTES Power of Women Group performs Housing Hurdles.

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      life secret

      Feb 10, 2010 at 1:53pm

      I guess it's time to live in the NOW instead of constantly being chined by our negative thoughts about the future and our remorse for the past .

      Just watch what your fellow persons do -when you become concious and head off on your own direction and not associate with a collective repressed identity.... Your decisive strength scares them and they will do what they can to keep you where you are... because your part of their lazy identity and you affirm their lack of goals. Only follow your conciousness not the collective . Hey protesters....Try and think of nothing and observe how many of your thoughts rooted in the past and future ...and they are all mostly negative and constraining... live in the NOW and nothing is overwhelming. After all, the present moment is really the only thing that exists in whiich change can be made . So walk in a different direction and watch yourself think for today instead of posting a sticker with the collective thought of others as the glue. Try it

      math boy

      Feb 11, 2010 at 7:58am

      I now agree with life secret