Photos: Take Back Our City protest greets opening of 2010 Olympics in Vancouver

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      Chanting "Homes not Games" and "No Games on Stolen Native Land", thousands of anti-Olympic protesters welcomed the Winter Games to Vancouver with a rally and march on Friday (February 12).

      The Take Back Our City protest, organized by the 2010 Welcoming Committee, began in the afternoon at the Vancouver Art Gallery.

      Protesters then marched down West Georgia, Homer, and Robson streets until they hit a wall of police at Beatty Street, in sight of B.C. Place Stadium, where the opening ceremony was taking place.

      Video: Take Back Our City protest welcomes 2010 Olympics in Vancouver

      Photos by Stephen Hui

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      Feb 13, 2010 at 1:48am

      thanks for the photos

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      not important

      Feb 13, 2010 at 11:22am

      These people must be brain dead! Do they not realize how many millions of dollars are pouring into Vancouver and surrounding areas because of the Olympics!! This is how to make money to increase improvements to roads and housing.

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      Feb 13, 2010 at 12:37pm

      Great Photos! Really captured the spirit of why we were all there protesting. Much better than the destructive photos all the other media sources are showing.

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      Why Bother?

      Feb 13, 2010 at 1:32pm

      Why are there not photo's posted of the windows being broken? The cars being vandalized? The threats and intimidation to the public by the protesters? What does David EBY have to say about this?? Is he and PIVOT going to defend the rights of the public? How about the rights of the Police having objects thrown at them? I know, I know.... Eby and his little self-interest group decides, picks, and chooses who's rights they will defend. I guess everyone does not have the same rights to defend; it must be nice to be able to pick and choose. A fair report would include photo's of the violence and random destruction of property; but again, it must be nice to be able to pick and choose. Hypocrites.

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      Travis Lupick

      Feb 13, 2010 at 1:36pm

      @Why Bother?, there are no photos of windows being broken or cars being vandalized because those things did not happen at the February 12 protest that this story reports on.

      You're alluding to the February 13 protest, which we have also reported on, here: <a href=" Heart Attack disrupts Vancouver on day two of Winter Olympics</a>.

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      Feb 13, 2010 at 1:42pm

      What an embarrassment. Not everyone disagrees with everything that goes on but destroying private property and acting like a bunch of idiots isn't going to resolve anything. What are they protesting about? they all look unemployed to me and they probably fail to realize that it's not because they can't get work it's because their attitude sucks and no one wants them around. Again, what an embarassment.

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      Feb 13, 2010 at 1:47pm

      @not important - Just where do you think this money is "pouring in" from? It is estimated that the money "earned" from the Olympics will be about $1 billion. That'll just cover the cost of the security. In the end, these Olympics will cost $6 billion. You don't need a degree in finance to see that's a lousy return on your investment. The Olympic Village has cost $1.2 billion and now the City of Vancouver has to guarantee the $750 million construction loan because the U.S. financier won't release the money otherwise. Yes, the Sea-to-Sky highway has finally been upgraded, which will primarily benefit the people who can afford to go skiing at Whistler-Blackcomb or who live in the multi-million dollar homes up the coast.
      So please, when we're looking at paying off a $5billion debt, don't go on about the "millions" of dollars pouring in because of the Olympics.

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      Feb 13, 2010 at 2:07pm

      They are complaining about a billion dollar police state YET additional funds have to be spent to keep the peace because of the protests that turn to vandalism and violence (like the ones this morning)

      Do youself a favour if you want to protest do it with a bit of class. Rerouting a torch relay away from an elementary school just makes the protests look even more pathetic. Right now public and international opinion is not on your side and in general the world thinks you are a bunch of goofs with nothing better to do but be destructive and ruin the joy of others.

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      Feb 13, 2010 at 2:28pm

      I am sure all the bs accomplished just about zip, other than inconvenience folks. Well done

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