YukonFest 2010 at the Railway Club

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      Who’s thirsty for a nice refreshing human-toe cocktail? Well, have we got an event for you. Yukonfest 2010 at the Railway Club will have plenty of Dawson City’s world famous “sourtoe” cocktails on hand. And yes, each drink comes with its very own salty, dehydrated, preserved toe. You can nurse the beverage, shoot it, chug it, slam it, and, if you have a canker sore, you might even want to give it a good gargle (the salt will take care of that bad boy). Either way, the rules are very clear on this one: The toe must touch the drinker’s lips. Of course, if you have a foot fetish or a doctorate in podiatry, this toe-licking libation will be a jean-creaming pleasure. But if you don’t get off on feet and you never really bought into the whole kissing a fish in Newfoundland/eating a worm in Mexico thing, skip the drink and head down Yukonfest anyway. The two-day music celebration tonight and Friday (February 18 and 19) boasts an eclectic mix of bands including the highly danceable Sophisticated Cavemen, the Francophone folk-fusion act Soir de Semaine, electronica/hip-hop duo Root Sellers, ’50s rockabilly group Sasquatch Prom Date (pictured above), and Spring Breakup, featuring Kim Barlow and Mathias Kom. There’s bound to be plenty of dancing, so wear comfortable shoes, but more importantly wear warm shoes and for God sake’s, don’t complain about having cold feet—for some reason, this crowd has a tendency to misdiagnose frost bite, especially after they’ve had a few.