Randy Rampage lands on Skull Skates skateboard

A limited-edition Bloodied But Unbowed skateboard, graced with Bev Davies’s 1979 photo of Randy Rampage on-stage with D.O.A. in Chicago, is being produced by Vancouver’s Skull Skates to promote Susanne Tabata’s upcoming documentary of the same name on the glory years of Vancouver punk.

“There is no more suited a pair than Bev Davies and Randy Rampage, as the photographer and her muse,” Tabata told the Straight. Skateboards come with a “Punk Rock Rules OK” print from Davies, and can be reserved at mailorder@skullskates.com.

Details on the May 13 premiere of the film can be found on the movie’s Web site, at www.thepunkmovie.com/, and at www.doxafestival.ca/.



Jerry Useful

Apr 12, 2010 at 10:50pm

someone oughta tell these folks that punk is dead..
why all the ka-fuffle over some toothless old junkies anyway?
album gone gold? no. another alumni die? not yet. ken lester doing spoken word? no. hmmm. is Jimmy Shitheel or whatever running for meter maid in Poco? no...
how is this relevant to anyone's interest i wonder...
i thought this was all about dying young and leaving a good looking corpse instead of walking around like a corpse?
thanks for another "who cares" moment georgia straight.

support your local scheme

Apr 17, 2010 at 5:22am

man oh man..the punkmovie looks pretty dull. after wading through a bunch of clips of some 'nobody/never could/never did/never was/nobody cares' to see rollins and some clown from GNR, i really hoped i could get those few minutes of my life back.

what was interesting was watching some guy named Phil talk about the Greeks and Romans..in front of some doorway...while people strolled past his 'i still got it' haircut.
the dood has teeth like a whorehouse piano and sings with a fake English accent for christsakes and he is somehow important to the historical record?
did he used to be English?

just wow.

the clips were interesting in the way that watching someone slowly and intentionally break their own leg with a cinder block at a hazing party is captivating; ..it's so painful and dull you CAN'T look away...
looks like a lot of time wasted...

but if you are interested to see why vancouvers brightest and best leave town as fast as possible, look no further than these clips of this upcoming "doc" and the forgotten progenitors of their own failure blathering away about pissing on people from the stage .. from bands you've never heard of and people you don't care about..
if the intent of this doc is to point out what a lame scene Vancouver had back in the day, they sure talked to the right people.... Phil who? Gravelly voiced arrogant drug dealer who? Mary Jo who?

twaddle....just twaddle...