Twisted Sister at the Red Robinson Show Theatre

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      You know what sucked the most about ’80s hair metal? It was the fact that most of the mousse-abusing hair farmers who dreamed of owning a piece of the Sunset Strip had no idea how fucking stupid they looked. The beauty of Twisted Sister is that singer Dee Snider seemed like he was actually in on the joke. As sure as Lt. Douglas C. Neidermeyer was murdered in Vietnam by his own troops, the makeup-smeared, corkscrew-haired horror show who fronts Twisted Sister knew he looked ridiculous. And if he’s been able to laugh at himself all these years, that shouldn’t stop you from pinning a pledge to your uniform, heading out to the Red Robinson Show Theatre on Saturday (April 10), and screaming “I wanna rock” at the first person who dares ask “What do you want to do with your life?”.