Projecting Change Film Festival looks at Earth through a green lens

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      Right after American documentary filmmaker Peter Byck started making Carbon Nation in the spring of 2007, actor Leonardo DiCaprio appeared on the cover of Vanity Fair thanks to his compelling environmental red-alert film The 11th Hour.

      “I quickly learned that, even if you’re only in it for the money, you will still do the same thing,” Byck said of people’s motivation to make change. “If you are in it for national security or energy security or religious beliefs as being stewards of the Earth; if you care about people’s health and the health of the land and the health of cities, and poverty, human rights; you can do all of these things and you’ll still end up in the same spot. That, to me, was the biggest eye opener.”

      Another eye opener at the festival’s conclusion, on April 25, will come in the form of Pirate for the Sea, a biographical look at Paul Watson, Greenpeace Canada’s youngest founding member and president of the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society. Watson and David Suzuki will speak at the screening.

      That’s a large group of ecowarriors to fit into four days.