Yuk Yuks promises four new local comedy outposts

Yuk Yuks may be closing its downtown Burrard Street location on May 1, but it's just announced it plans to open four new Lower Mainland clubs starting this summer.

The new downtown location has yet to be announced. Details are also sketchy on the other local cities or burbs where the remaining three sites might be.

What we do know is that Mark Breslin, CEO and founder of the Yuk Yuks chain, has announced in a press statement that he has found a new local franchisee and the expansion he always wanted to undertake in this market is finally about to start.

That leaves a few months for comedyphiles to go without their weekly yuks at Yuks, but big promise for their options come summer and fall. Breslin is setting expectations high for the downtown flagship, boasting in his announcement that it will: “blow all the past locations away.”

Yuk Yuks has 17 outposts across the country, with a location in downtown Vancouver since 1988. It had moved to the soon-to-be-closed Burrard spot in 2003.