Anmore prepares to pick new mayor after by-election delay

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      Village of Anmore residents are preparing to cast ballots in a mayoral by-election that had seemed unlikely to happen until provincial authorities intervened in February.

      Voters have a chance to hear from the three candidates tonight (April 27) during a meeting in the tiny community that borders Coquitlam and Port Moody.

      Acting mayor Kerri Palmer Isaak told the Straight by phone today that a deadlock on village council had been stalling efforts to replace former mayor Hal Weinberg, who resigned in December.

      The four council members that remained in Weinberg’s absence were evenly split when it came to voting to pick a chief election officer.

      After the council failed for a third time to choose someone, the B.C. Ministry of Community and Rural Development stepped in at the request of then-acting mayor John McEwen and appointed a person to oversee the voting.

      “While I acknowledge that local governments are an autonomous, responsible and accountable level of government with the authority to determine the public interest of their communities, I am concerned that council is unable to move forward with a by-election to elect a new mayor,” minister Bill Bennett says in a February letter received by the council.

      Palmer Isaak welcomed the by-election.

      “We need some sort of very focussed leadership to get the council back on track, get projects happening again,” she said.

      The mayoral candidates include Anmore residents Heather Anderson and Robert Tribe, as well as Coquitlam resident Arthur Crossman.

      The vote is scheduled for Saturday, May 15.



      Anmore Resident

      Apr 27, 2010 at 6:03pm

      Thanks to the Straight for including this article. It's not often that the GVRD's smaller and more obscure municipalities get much attention.
      However, there are three important details that this article does not mention which may provide a more complete picture of the situation:
      1. The same two council members (Sedergreen & Piamonte) were responsible for the defeat of all three previous efforts to appoint an elections officer. The other two councilors were eager to have the election occur as quickly as possible while these two purposely stalled the process.
      2. The person finally appointed as elections officer is one of those previously considered. The issue is not that the Anmore council was unable to find an appropriate individual.
      3. It should be noted that mayoral candidate Robert Tribe is on the record as a close supporter of the two councilors who stalled the election. He was also the last of the three candidates to throw his hat in the ring.
      Hopefully the results of this by-election lead to a council that is actually progressive and fair, rather than one held back by a few buddies playing political games.

      glen p robbins

      Apr 28, 2010 at 12:57pm

      I've net never met Ms.Isaak -- but she has my support.

      Resident 2

      Apr 29, 2010 at 8:04pm

      I am astounded at the effort we have put into our community. All to elect a Mayor. We have councilors representing us that believe it is acceptable to proceed with out a Mayor or a in this case a 5th vote. I have witnessed so much deceit and hidden agendas to last a life time.I imagine if all this effort and energy we to be used for the greater good what we could accomplish as a community. We could lead the way however we have a councilors that would rather dig up the past and lay blame instead of challenging the possibility of the future and setting a example for all to come.
      There term ending cant come soon enough.