Kim Cattrall helps Vancouver Youth Theatre stay afloat

Sex in the City’s Kim Cattrall has stepped in to help fill a funding gap left by the province. The Hollywood actor, who took part in acting programs during her childhood on Vancouver Island, made an unspecified donation to the Vancouver Youth Theatre on May 6.

Along with the rest of the arts community, the nonprofit society is experiencing its share of budget woes. One-third of its funding was cut last year due to the provincial government’s cuts to B.C. Gaming grants, leading to temporary lay-offs and cancelling of touring shows.

“Kim’s extraordinary gesture of support, during probably one of our toughest restructuring periods in our history, is really important because it means that others may like to donate too,” said artistic director Heather Duff.

The theatre can take comfort in knowing that its voice is being heard, even by those in showbiz. “I am the living, breathing proof that support of the Arts are not a luxury but a necessity,” said Cattrall in a press statement.

The money, donated through CAFAmerica (Charities Aid Foundation America) will fund modified versions of VYT’s cancelled programs. But that’s not to say everyone involved can breathe easy just yet, considering provincial purse strings continue to tighten.

“The challenges are very, very large because we’re connected to the education sector. We’ve collaborated with schools—had tours—and to have them have cuts as well makes it even more challenging,” explained Duff.

She said creative resourcefulness is the key in staying true to the society. “My goal is to maintain the integrity at whatever cost it takes,” she said. “I think that’s what Kim was hoping for with her donation.”