Dynamic duo Darren Williams and Eugene Chadbourne returns

Saxophonist Darren Williams (of the Sorrow and the Pity) will be playing John Zorn to Eugene Chadbourne’s Eugene Chadbourne at a Fake Jazz/Music Waste night on Wednesday (June 2) at Lick, marking his fifth live collaboration with the maverick American musician.

“Playing with Eugene keeps you on your toes,” Williams told the Straight. “He really likes to pull out weird country-and-western shit, and, y’know, the saxophone is not the typical instrument to be associated with that kind of music.”

Plans include a solo banjo set from Doc Chad and a trio with Chadbourne, Williams, and Kenton Loewen doing Albert Ayler and Ornette Coleman tunes. “But sometimes things segue,” Williams explained. “We might do a tune, and then it kind of morphs into an improv, and then, from there, Eugene starts into a song, and it’s a very good chance I’ve never heard of it, because I don’t listen to a lot of Hank Williams or Johnny Paycheck, for example. So it’s like, ”˜Okay, I don’t know who this is by, but I guess we’re playin’ it!’”

Williams last played with Chadbourne at the Cobalt in 2007, with Dutch improviser Han Bennink on drums.