Marc Emery: U.S. federal prison blog #2

(Marc Emery's U.S. federal prison blog #2 originally ran here on the Cannabis Culture site.)

Jodie told me that the interview I did with NDP Member of Parliament Libby Davies for finally showed up online, which makes me happy even though there are numerous errors and omissions that I will have Jodie post on CC soon. I heard news items on the radio about me, but it's maddening how they screw up details. One radio report said "US DEA arrested Marc Emery in Canada LAST WEEK and quickly had him brought here to Seattle where today he plead guilty to manufacturing marijuana as a result of his seed selling business." There are no journalists these days, just "reporters".

I didn't sleep a wink again last night (Monday night) but was at least able to listen to a classic rock station from 11pm to 4am. Lots of familiar nice songs, I was able to say the name of the song in 19 out of 20 songs before the first words were even sung [Jodie's note: Marc is a music trivia master]. I don't feel tired. I bounded out at 5:30am as soon as they opened my cell door.

I have a health screening today at 11:30m where the doc will take a blood sample and all the other stuff. Already had a tuberculosis exam (a weird injection of something); I don't have tuberculosis, is the result of that test. One thing I'm going to say to the doctor is, "It's too bad food services doesn't subscribe to the Hippocratic Oath ('First do No Harm'). Without fresh vegetables everyone here will get beriberi disease over time; without sunlight, we'll get vitamin D deficiency," etc. I'd hate to be the doctor in this disease-causing malnutritioned environment. He must have lost some kind of bet to end up here...

The Seattle Times subscription Jodie got for me started today. It's Monday's edition, so I'll get it a day later, it seems. That's OK. Two books I asked Jodie to get for me, "Parting the Waves" and "Hammer of the Gods", arrived too! "Parting the Waves" was only $8.80 for some reason, even though its normally like $29.95. Great deal. That book is beautifully written; I got to page 100 or so at North Fraser pretrial center [before being extradited]. Started reading "Hammer of the Gods" today too.

All things considered, I'd rather be here than at North Fraser. The commissary arriving has made a world of difference, plus newspapers and books. Got pens and lined paper, food, all my toiletries, I am set! They did lose all my laundry though, but I should get replacements tomorrow.

Commisary forms are handed in on Monday, stuff arrives Tuesday. Got the same deodorant I use at home! Great razor & shave cream, a booklight to read at night, great radio & headphones, plus tuna, chicken breast, turkey breast in sealed packs for independent meals I can make. Got mixing bowl, shower shoes, batteries, etc. Mixed nuts, trail mix, and other snacks too. Sweet! My attitude is so improved. Plus I even liked the dinner tonight (hot spicy salsa on a mix of beans, cheese, tortilla, rice, and possibly chicken).

I look forward to reading about any political activity from newspaper articles. I hope people send me letters and photos through the mail, because that's always a great thing to receive. It'll remind me that people are still fighting for the cause even while I'm behind bars. Just as I was quoted in the CNN article about my extradition: "If just one person, me, being in jail is what it takes to arouse thousands, tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands, maybe millions of Americans and Canadians to get out and be involved and be responsible and take charge and take the initiative, then I'm a very happy individual."