Local music heroes dish on their footwear favourites

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      For some reason, rock stars aren’t always all that comfortable talking about fashion. We appreciate that “it’s about the music”, but that didn’t stop Slash from revealing his style influences on Fashion Television. And it takes courage to own up to a concho-trimmed top hat. So why won’t other musical mavericks talk style on the record? Well, happily, some of them just did. In this exclusive Georgia Straight exposé, we reveal what five of Vancouver’s premier musical talents like to wear on their feet. Yes, you read right. For this no-holds-barred feature, we asked the hard-hitting question other pussy publications don’t have the nads to ask: where’s your favourite place to buy new kicks?

      Shiloh Lindsey
      According to her latest album, Western Violence & Brief Sensuality, this alt-country singer-songwriter has her “Head in My Grave”. Maybe so, but her feet are firmly planted on the ground in some retro rodeo boots—tailor-made for cranking out all those badass murder ballads and southern-fried tearjerkers. Yee-haw.

      Sole Connection: C’est la Vie Consignment Boutique (3247 Main Street) “I always find something good there. I have a lot of vintage cowgirl boots.”¦Whenever I find something and they fit, I pretty much have to buy it right away—otherwise it’s gone. The last pair I bought there are a white sort of ’80s-style, slouch kind of cowgirl boot with eagles embroidered on the side. Yeah, they’re pretty cool.”

      Yukon Blonde
      If their self-titled debut is any indication, the members of Yukon Blonde never chintz out on insanely sweet pop-rock harmonies and clever, lovelorn lyrics. When it comes to footwear, however, certain members—namely lead guitarist Brandon Scott—are a little more thrifty.

      Sole Connection: Value Village (45150 Luckakuck Way, Chilliwack) “I got these $5 suckers from Value Village before we went on tour. They look like little hiking boots. ”¦We did a lot of cold tours this past winter and they came in handy then, I suppose. I also got a lot of loafers and I once had some Beatle boots, but I wore the crap out of them so I can’t wear those anymore. Chilliwack—best one [Value Village] ever. Don’t tell anyone.”

      Rodney DeCroo
      With enough material to fill a double CD (Queen Mary Trash, due out in September), this unreasonably talented, folked-up, countrified rocker doesn’t limit himself musically. But when it comes to the right shoe, he’s pretty single-minded.

      Sole Connection: Little Miss Vintage (941 Commercial Drive) “I only wear cowboy boots, so mostly I buy them in thrift stores in small towns because they’re way overpriced in the city. That said, I have bought boots at Little Miss Vintage on Commercial Drive. I go there because Cora [Burnette] always has great stuff, and it’s cheap enough I don’t have to mug a yuppie to finance a purchase.”

      The Vicious Cycles
      If you’re gonna unleash the kind of kick-ass garage punk that makes biker babes cream their chaps, you gotta look the part. And for guitarist-singer Billy Bones—who, along with his bandmates, recently released a debut seven-inch called “Mama”—that means wearing top-of-the-line motorcycle shit-kickers.

      Sole Connection: Dayton Boots (2250 East Hastings Street) “Allegedly”¦there used to be clubs that didn’t let you in there if you were wearing Dayton boots, because you were a troublemaker if you were wearing Dayton boots. Which is why I want to wear Dayton boots—at least, I’m a wannabe troublemaker.”

      Primed for an upcoming summer tour to promote a new LP, these slammin’ sludge-metal maestros are a well-oiled, heavy, macabre, blasphemous machine. But when it comes to talking footwear, guitarist Trevor Logan has a laid-back, sunshiny attitude. (But we’ll ask you to keep that on the down-low—if his bandmates ever find out, they’ll”¦well, there’s just no telling with those evildoers.)

      Sole Connection: Army & Navy (36 West Cordova Street) “The only place I buy shoes is Army & Navy
      ”¦cheap! I’m always on the look out for a good deal and a great time!”