Where have all the Wombats gone?

You know what they say about that crazy 10-year span between 1984 and 1994—if you remember it, you probably weren’t there. So where the hell were you?

Well, if you were like the dozens of fans of the comic strip “Wombat”, you were likely glued to the back pages of the Georgia Straight following the nutty escapades of the titular post-punk, new wave, soft-boiled everyguy—the half-cut, confused anti-mascot of a generation that missed out on a catchy generational name-tag, but somehow made it through both synth-pop and grunge.

If your memory needs refreshing—or even refreshments, the perfect cocktail is here in the form of a brand new book, “Wombat: the Collected Comic Strip” from Vancouver’s Anvil Press. So, set your blender to “pulverize” and break out the Liquid Paper—it was a bumpy 10 years.

Frankly, it's all a little hazy to me now, which leads me to believe that there's more autobiography in there than I once thought or was willing to admit. But I’m pretty sure I was there. Somewhere.

With a foreword by John Armstrong, a.k.a. Buck Cherry of the legendary Vancouver band, the Modernettes, “Wombat” is now available at finer bookstores and on-line retailers.

Rod Filbrandt is a Vancouver-based author, illustrator, and long-time contributor to the Georgia Straight. " Wombat: the Collected Comic Strip " is his second book.