Vancouver city staff propose six options for future of Georgia, Dunsmuir viaducts

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      Vancouver city staff are proposing a $695,000 study on the future of the Georgia and Dunsmuir viaducts.

      In a report to be considered by council on Thursday (June 24), staff have laid out six options ranging from retention to complete removal of the overpasses that were opened in 1972.

      “A key reason to consider the removal of the viaducts relates to diminishing or eliminating their perceived ”˜barrier’ effect and taking opportunities to improve the urban design and overall image of the area,” the report states.

      The options presented by staff are the following:

      1. Maintain the viaducts with no changes.

      2. Alter the viaducts so they come down to merge with Pacific and Expo boulevards.

      3. Alter the viaducts so they come down at Main Street with a bike connection to Union Street.

      4. Keep Dunsmuir Viaduct, and remove the Georgia Viaduct.

      5. Remove both viaducts with either a connection between Georgia and Dunsmuir west of GM Place or cul-de-sac of Georgia and Dunsmuir.

      6. Remove both viaducts and consider elevating/realigning the SkyTrain guideway.

      If the study is approved by council, staff expects to report back with recommendations in May 2011.

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