George W. Bush's brain, Karl Rove, will come to Canada for G-20 meeting

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      The man who led the fight against same-sex marriage in Canada has announced that Karl Rove will visit his Christian school during the G-20 meetings in Toronto.

      Charles McVety, president of Canada Christian College, stated today (June 18) in a news release that Rove, a senior political adviser to former president George W. Bush, will give the keynote address at a summit for "faith and business leaders".

      Rove is widely credited for helping Bush get reelected in 2004 by mobilizing the Christian right to vote. One tactic was by focusing on wedge issues, such as same-sex marriage.

      The Republicans also suppressed turnout among African-Americans, who traditionally vote for Democratic candidates, by reducing the number of polling stations in some districts, creating long lineups.

      The three-day Toronto conference will end with what the organizers are calling "A Rally to Stop a Nuclear Iran" on June 27.

      In a bestselling book, The Armageddon Factor: The Rise of Christian Nationalism in Canada, journalist Marci McDonald described McVety as being steeped in an apocalyptic world view, centred on the belief that the messiah will return to Earth to save Christians as the rest of the world perishes in a final, terrible battle.

      She also noted that McVety is very close to controversial Texas evangelist John Hagee, one of the foremost proponents of this dispensationalist thinking.

      "In Jerusalem Countdown, his 2006 bestseller, Hagee...makes a case for the Israeli military to bomb Iran, thus eliminating both its nuclear threat and the anti-Semitic slurs of its president, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad," McDonald writes.

      McVety is also the cofounder of the Canada Family Action Coalition and led the 2005 Defend Marriage Campaign against same-sex marriage in Canada.

      Brian Rushfeldt, executive director of Canada Family Action Coalition, stated in today's news release: “Karl Rove has extensive expertise on democratic organization and mobilization and on world affairs to share. His leadership in 75 election campaigns, including helping George Bush become President, makes Mr. Rove a man I look forward to learning from him on how to impact democracy.”

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      Sean Bickerton

      Jun 18, 2010 at 11:35am

      Why any real Christian leader would want to learn from a man responsible for electing an administration that tortured innocent Canadian citizens, illegally invaded a peaceful nation and killed tens of thousands of its citizens, many of them also Christians, and that so badly damaged the economy of the western world that he had to socialize the banks and free markets with $10 Trillion in government takeovers is a mystery.

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      History repeating

      Jun 18, 2010 at 3:27pm

      The Holocaust did not occur without the collusion of the worlds powers. History will look back on today's leaders and their actions and the same people that welcome people such as Rove will once again deny any knowledge of their abuses.

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      Jun 19, 2010 at 6:19pm

      Hey, Canada. You keep him for a while, okay? He's not welcome back in the USA.

      When you get sick of him, send him to Siberia or Slovenia. Just don't let him come back here.


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      Brian Rushfeldt

      Jun 20, 2010 at 2:31pm

      for you hateful folks , ask if Obama has harmed the econonmy?? of course not. And I didn't see whining when your friend Bill Clinton comes to Canada , at least 4 times, and takes $100,000 with him each time.

      Oh and maybe you should get your facts right before posting info - McVety was not, NOT a cofounder of Canada Family Action.

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      Johnny 100 Pesos

      Jun 26, 2010 at 8:59am

      Iraq a peaceful nation... lol!

      If this is the kind of untruths you use in criticizig folks, then your opinions are unreliable.

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      Voting Vick

      Apr 8, 2011 at 4:01pm

      There were definite pushes toward the Christian right during the election that would be appealing to people who also like the <a href="">texas evangelist</a> and other Christian leaders, but the whole accusation that the votes of others were stymied through the locations of polling booths is poorly founded.

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